Hi, I'm Will, I'm currently doing a few things.
As an MFA candidate (2020) in Design Research and Development at The Ohio State University, I am initially interested in using design for social good.
As a Co-founding Board Member for Local Tech Heroes, I help to empower underserved students to solve big problems in their communities using emerging technologies and design processes in Central Ohio.
As an Industrial Designer, most recently for Priority Designs in Columbus, OH, I live at the intersection of form and function. My team and tasks change daily, and the best part of my position with this world-class consultancy is that there's nothing routine about it!
AND, as a Design Thinker and Aero-Robotics Program Director at Safety Third Racing, I am currently inspiring the next generation of thinkers and dreamers through interactive aero-robotics programming at the Idea Foundry in Columbus, OH - workshops, classes, races, competitions and events, even First-Person-View (FPV) Drone Racing!
My background is as an industrial and visual communications designer. I also have experience in design research, UI/UX design and physical computing. 
My spare time is filled with FPV Drone Racing (check out my team Safety Third Racing), birding, geocaching, cloud-spotting, all forms of frisbee, physical hacking, typography, boomerang, sketch-noting, biking, almost all games, science, info-graphics, gadgets and pie.

My research
I am currently an MFA candidate (2020) in design research and development at The Ohio State University. I am currently studying how emerging technology and design can increase youth capacity to engage with social issues facing their communities in order to better understand how design can empower youth to advocate for and enact positive, lasting, social change.

My work
As a professional problem-seeker, visualizer and future-thinker, I am committed to the transformation of the ordinary into the meaningful, the useful, and the wonderful.
Many of my projects revolve around human interaction; this often involves the dissection of an existing system through research, identification of new opportunities, and the development of new solutions - the Design Process.