PINUP, a 3D-printable finger-friendly thumbtack holder
1 Week  |  Solo  |  Hard Goods  |  Industrial Design
PINUP is a unique hanging tray that enables you to easily store and access your thumbtacks and pushpins right on your wall! Works great with cork-board, bulletin boards, drywall, and other pushpin surfaces.

Download and print your own PINUP via Thingiverse!
Installation is easy – just use six tacks to anchor PINUP's base to your board or wall of choice.
Finger-optimized tray – sick of getting stabbed every time you reach into a cup of thumbtacks? Me too! That's why I designed PINUP's tray for your fingers, not just your tacks; the tray's precise angles allow your fingers to scoop through a loose cluster of tacks, then pinch and remove one tack at a time – no more pokes!
Removable tray – remove PINUP's tray from its base, hold it for even faster pin-up and take-down; no need to carry loads sharp, stabbing tacks in your hands! You can also set PINUP's tray on your table or desk, it won't spill!
More than just tacks – PINUP can store all sorts of stuff, from post-its to markers, your next pin-up session is covered!
Early, low-fidelity sketching and prototyping focused on solving key pin-up pain points by asking the question: how might the geometry of a thumbtack tray allow fingers to painlessly pick up a single tack at a time?
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