You can download 3D-printable files for the S3 Ninja Star 2018 on Thingiverse.

S3 Ninja Star 2018: the indoor First-Person-View quadcopter for entry-level pilots.
Backgound: More than 100 middle and high school pilots on 13 school teams joined Safety Third Racing Academy during the first ever inter highschool drone racing league in 2017. They flew the S3 Ninja Star, which was borne out of an emergent need for an indoor First-Person-View (FPV) quadcopter.
What's New: The S3 Ninja Star 2018 integrates an entire season worth of in-the-field testing (aka crashing) into another fully 3D-printable FPV quadcopter frame boasting more than a dozen optimizations, creature comforts, performance upgrades, and other improvements for its main users: new pilots who crash and want to rebuild their quadcopters and keep racing!
Features: This 2018 version embodies several improvements over the original S3 Ninja Star frame, including:
- new integrated battery holder
- new snap-fit camera mount
- new full propeller guard protection
- new snap-off tabs to indicate front of frame, motor spin direction
- redesigned motor mounts for easier press-fit
- redesigned aerodynamic frame with guard and no-guard versions
- improved flight control board snap-fit
- eliminated need for rubber bands
The following video was intended to guide folks through the build and test flight of their S3 Ninja Star 2018. Users could also follow this printable S3 Ninja Star 2018 build guide.
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