The Third Annual Industrial Design Winter Market was the first-ever online version of an emerging tradition within the Department of Design at Ohio State. Online visitors had an opportunity to see limited-edition – and in several cases unique – products designed and produced during an Autumn 2020 studio course by 3rd-year students in the industrial design major. Visitors could also purchase products.

Each of the seven “housewares” products in the 2020 Winter Market strike a balance between addressing the needs of potential users, the demands of small-run production, the constraints of a limited budget, and approaches to sustainability.

Ultimately, 7 teams of students produced 78 products and sold 68 of them, generating $2,099 in revenue benefiting Ohio State's student chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), of which $700 was earmarked to help next year's Winter Market students to purchase materials.

My own course design and associated event for 2020 adopted a studio format originally piloted at Ohio State by then Assistant Professor Sébastien Proulx, PhD, in 2018. It was modified and taught a second time by then Visiting Assistant Professor Hazal Gumus-Ciftci in 2019.

Visit the online gallery for the Third Annual Industrial Design Winter Market, which includes product descriptions, original pricing, etc. on the Urban Arts Space Hybrid Arts Lab website here:
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