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Mobilizing Design Process for Military Veterans
Design Research Poster - This poster presents work the author1 explored during the course of his graduate study. Initially undertaken as a community service project within a local nonprofit, this pilot study focused on a workshop series which mobilized design process within Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) for military veterans. By examining veteran designed objects and prototypes along with participant interviews, this poster illuminates effects of design process mobilization within CWT.
Zoku Stainless Steel Bottle
Rethinking durable hydration
Zoku Glass Core Bottle
Rethinking Durable Hydration
S3 Ninja Star - Nano FPV Drone
A durable, lightweight, 3D-printable, Nano-sized FPV frame
Sketches & Renderings
from my sketchbook
Zoku Dino Pop Molds
3D Character Design in Ice Pop Style
Zoku Polar Pop Molds
3D Character Design in Ice Pop Style
Zoku Iced Coffee Maker
Invention and elevated design for a new coffee experience.
Zoku Ice Cream Maker
Personal, user-centered, elevated reinvention.
Zoku Slush and Shake Maker
Performance-oriented, elevated reinvention of a classic.
Zoku Ice Ball Molds
Innovative, no-rinse, elevated molds.
Zoku Mini Pop Molds
Reinvention of the traditional ice pop molds.
Zoku Round Pop Molds
Innovative reinvention of a classic.
Zoku Classic Pop Molds
Elevated, user-friendly reinvention of a classic.
Tool Canvas
An innovative tool storage / transport / organization system.
a table for sand, play, and therapy
AlgaeVenture Concepts
3D visualizations of technology for investors
New Fire Hydrant
A human-centered redesign of the fire hydrant.
VK-30 Aircraft Interior
Industrial Design and development of interior components for the VK-30 Aircraft.
Automation Software: Icons 1
Interactive icon design for Rockwell Software
Automation Software: GUI
Graphical User Interface (GUI) design for Rockwell Software
Automation Software: Icons 2
Icon symbol library design for Rockwell Software
Information Graphics
A collection of information graphics
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